Karastan Rug Fiber and Materials

Karastan Rug Fiber and Materials

Part of what makes the Karastan name so great is the array of fine textiles and technologies the brand uses to craft each of its rugs. From the stain-resistant Forever Clean strands of SmartStrand Silk, to the recycled materials in EverStrand, to the all-natural construction of their 100% New Zealand Wool, every rug is reinforced with quality fiber.

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SmartStrand is the perfect solution for active families with small kids and pets. These rugs don’t absorb moisture, and are designed to withstand pet accidents of all kinds. SmartStrand fibers simply don’t hold onto dirt, and have been shown in tests to release more dirt more easily during cleaning. Best of all, this protection will never wash or wear off – it’s built into the core of each SmartStrand fiber!

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One of Karastan rugs high quality fibers, EverStrand is an innovation designed for a clean home. Made from premium PET polyester, each EverStrand fiber has been thoroughly purified for strands that are not only clean, but easy to clean as well, thanks to built-in advance protection from soil and staining.

EverStrand is made from up to 100% recycled plastic bottles content. In this way, Karastan rugs made with EverStrand are some of the world’s most sustainable rugs.

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Farm to Floor: 100% All-natural wool fiber rugs.

When you add a Karastan wool rug to your home, you can be confident that you’re choosing one of the most environmentally friendly flooring solutions available. The brand uses 100% New Zealand wool, considered nature’s wonder fiber, in each of their wool rugs.

Easy to clean. Karastan’s wools are naturally resistant to dirt and soil. Non-allergenic fibers. Wool is safe from bacteria growth and dust mites, and give off no harmful emissions. Asthma sufferers cannot inhale the long, coarse fibers, either. Strong & durable. A patented weaving process makes Karastan products last for years.

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