Outdoor Décor Ideas for Your Home: Patios, Decks, Outdoor Rugs, & More

Sep 14, 2018
By Reba Clark Sep 14, 2018

Mohawk Home Summer Splash

Summer Splash in Turquoise Lime by Mohawk strikes the perfect balance between soft & durable when relaxing on the dock!


Got an outdoor space you love, but it just seems to be missing something?

Whether your home features a front porch seen by all your neighbors and houseguests, or a backyard space that’s ideal for entertaining and relaxing, don’t let it sit bare during the precious months of the outdoor season!

You can take your patio, porch, balcony, back yard, deck, terrace, poolside or courtyard to the next level of comfort and style by adding a little outdoor décor! At Rugs.Shop, we’ve got some outdoor patio ideas and tips to help you turn your space into one that you and your guests will never want to leave.

The question is, what to add? Furniture such as tables, chairs & lounges are a great place to start, but you can do more to add color and practical personal touches to your space! A few great additions to any outdoor space include:

  • Outdoor rugs for decks
  • Fire pits
  • Solar lighting
  • Heavy-duty coolers
  • Planter pots
  • Statues
  • Pillows and cushions

How to decorate your patio, deck or other outdoor space

Before you do anything else, ask yourself: How do you want to use your outdoor area? Will it be a comfortable lounge where you can read a book? Or maybe you’re designing a garden paradise where you’ll work just as much as you play. Envision your space, then choose the types of décor that are optimal.

For example, any great outdoor eating space will need great furniture – consider a patio dining set or even a rustic picnic table with benches. If you’re looking to lounge or entertain, make sure to have plenty of comfortable seating and some appropriate ambiance, such as a fire pit or hanging Edison bulbs, as well as an outdoor cooler to keep the drinks ice cold!


Design your space from the ground up

A great place to start when freshening up your outdoor space is with one or more large outdoor area rugs. Rugs serve a few key purposes for your outdoor surfaces:

1.     They’ll protect your floors. Outdoor rugs are designed with materials meant to withstand weather & UV light. You can even find outdoor waterproof rugs.

2.     They’re stylish and personal. Choose from dozens of styles, sizes, shapes, colors, patterns and materials to find the rug that suits you best.

3.     They cover imperfections. If your space is a little older, it may have wear or uneven surfaces. A large rug is the perfect way to cover these up!

4.     They define your space. Particularly if you’re adding a seating area, an area rug can act as a sort of invisible barrier, helping to create a “room” effect.


Once you’ve got the perfect rug picked out, you’ve also got a foundation for the color and style of the other décor you pick out. For example, you can add potted flowers, living or dried, in containers colored to match the rest of your space.

Colored pillows and cushions are another easy way to spruce up a space while making things a bit more comfortable in the process.



Ready for cooler weather? Find rugs in colors for every season, like this Black rug from the Nourison Home & Garden Collection that reminds us of Fall!


Choosing the right outdoor rug material


You’ll find outdoor rugs crafted from both natural materials like jute and sisal, and synthetic materials such as polypropylene. Each has their advantages.


Natural fibers are generally more eco-friendly to dispose of, and typically come in more organic, earthy hues. This is great if you’re striving for a more subtle vibe.


Synthetic rug fibers are designed in a wide range of bold colors and patterns, and are often sustainably sourced from recycled materials. You’ll find that they’re strong and durable as well.


Mohawk Home Alexa Medallion

A many-colored garden needs a many-colored rug! Alexa Medallion by Mohawk is an excellent fit.


Lighten up the mood

When outdoor season rolls around, the best way to ensure that the party continues late into the night is with the right outdoor lighting. You can pull this off in many different ways, depending on how involved you want your project to be.

If you have access to an outlet, hanging lights will help you spread the light around the entirety of your space, and can even be used to frame the area, creating definition.

You can also opt for the simplicity of a flame! Torches or candles (citronella, to keep the bugs away!) are great as part of your outdoor summer décor. If you’re looking for outdoor winter décor, one of the best and easiest additions to your space is an outdoor fireplace!

Building a fire pit Is quite simple – just stack rectangular paver blocks in a staggered pattern, then surround them with a layer of fire bricks. Soon you’ll have a space that and the gang can gather around during the cool Autumn months!

Liora Manne Frontporch Pumpkin Natural

Another perfect piece of outdoor seasonal décor is a welcome mat for your front porch! This one is Liora Manne’s Pumpkin Natural..


Ready to start designing? We recommend starting by exploring the selection of outdoor area rugs available from Rugs.Shop. You’ll also find a wide variety of indoor area rug styles that you can lay in nearby rooms to help complement your outdoor living spaces. Enjoy the outdoor season!