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The Biggest Area Rug Trends for 2019 (and Beyond!)

As we look ahead at the most exciting home design trends moving into the New Year, it’s hard to ignore area rugs! Area rugs in general will continue to be a really key component of interior design – perhaps growing in popularity over time – for at least the next decade, if not longer. This is exciting news for all of us here at Rugs.Shop! Rugs are our passion, and to celebrate the New Year we’ve assembled a list of some of the latest and greatest trends in area rugs heading into 2019.

Jan 9, 2019  

Karastan Month: Scott Living Partnership & the Future

What’s better than one? Two! Home designing twin brothers Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott announced a partnership with Karastan as part of their Scott Living Home Collection.  Jonathan and Drew are known for their popular HGTV series The Property Brothers, that focuses on helping families get their dream homes without breaking their budget. They are also recognized worldwide as architectural, real estate & design experts. Jonathan, a licensed contractor, and Drew, a real estate agent, have managed real estate holdings for nearly 15 years.

Sep 26, 2018  

Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Home: Wreaths, Centerpieces, Color Palettes & More!

If the thought of decorating your home for the fall months conjures up little more than jack-o-lanterns & Halloween ornaments, we’re here to help expand your horizons! More broadly, fall is about establishing a connection between your home and the natural environment and capitalizing on the rich, warm autumn colors of the foliage and harvest.

Sep 18, 2018  

Outdoor Décor Ideas for Your Home: Patios, Decks, Outdoor Rugs, & More

Got an outdoor space you love, but it just seems to be missing something? Whether your home features a front porch seen by all your neighbors and houseguests, or a backyard space that’s ideal for entertaining and relaxing, don’t let it sit bare during the precious months of the outdoor season! You can take your patio, porch, balcony, back yard, deck, terrace, poolside or courtyard to the next level of comfort and style by adding a little outdoor décor! At Rugs.Shop, we’ve got some outdoor patio ideas and tips to help you turn your space into one that you and your guests will never want to leave.

Sep 14, 2018  

How to Mix Paint and Wallpaper with Floor Patterns like a Pro

When one is shouldered with the task of making interior spaces look beautiful, the one area of design that is confusing and often intimidating is choosing from the wide assortment of patterns, colors and textures available in today’s market. The following are a few of my tips to help those in need of advice on the fundamentals of mixing patterns.

Aug 5, 2018  


If you’re just starting your search for an area rug, what a great adventure you’re about to have! Finding your perfect rug is like a magic carpet ride into a world of captivating colors and patterns, venerable weaves, luxuriant textures and styles that are seemingly endless. First stop on this adventure is learning how rugs are made.

Jul 17, 2018  

Area Rug Sizing Matters

The size of the rug in the room makes a big difference to how the room looks. But visualizing that difference when standing in the store is difficult, even for experts. We decided to create a side by side comparison of 4 different sized rugs in the same room. To achieve this, we wanted to use one rug design and color combination, which meant reaching out to Dalyn Rugs to loan us four rugs.

Jul 1, 2018