Shop By Shape

Shop By Shape

Octagon Rugs

Thought not a common shape, there are some uses for an octagonal rug that are more common than you’d think! Find the focal point for an oddly-shaped entryway, for under a bay window, for beneath a round table or for a new seating arrangement when you shop our collection of octagon rugs.

Rectangular Rugs

A traditional shape for both rugs and rooms. Rectangular area rugs come in the largest variety of sizes, patterns and styles, so you can easily find one to fit the space you’re designing, whether it’s a full or partial room or furniture arrangement.

Round Rugs

Circular rugs are more organic, creating movement and flow in a space where there otherwise wouldn’t be. They can soften an angular space or perfectly complement a rug room or furniture arrangement. Our round rugs come in a variety of sizes to match your rooms large and small.

Runner Rugs

Usually long, narrow and rectangular, runner rugs can serve many purposes. You can opt for a runner to protect an often-used section of flooring in front of a kitchen counter from wear and dropped dishes. Long hallways also become much less bare with runner, as will any high-traffic areas in your home.

Square Rugs

An unusual rug shape that can be difficult to find, square area rugs are best suited to square rooms where traditional rugs just don’t fit. A square dining table is also a great pair for a square rug, though you can also really make round furniture or seating arrangements pop with a square placement.

Shop area rugs by shape

When choosing a shape for your rug, consider how shapes can guide the eye and transform a space. Traditional rectangular rugs are a standard and timeless choice for many designs, but don’t discount your options.

Add visual interest and eye-catching appeal with unconventional shapes. If a rectangular design feels too boxy, try a round or octagonal rug. The rounded edges of these shapes lend a more free-flowing feel to a room.

For hallways and other longer spaces, a runner may be the perfect fit! We also carry square rugs for those rooms and designs where traditional shapes just don’t fit.