Shop by Rug Style

Shop by Rug Style

Casual Rugs

Casual area rugs are meant to be just that – used casually, incorporated easily into your design. The styles in our Casual catalog make great rugs for living rooms of all types, and can be used as rugs for bedrooms to add a touch of comfort that you’ll wonder how you lived without! You may also want to consider casual rugs as gifts – with their versatility in design, they’ll fit easily into the home of whomever you have in mind!

We’ve found that our casual rugs sell well throughout the year. Many families decorate during the summer, a time when kids are home from school & households have more free time – but we also see a growing desire for winter time casual rugs and even casual rugs for fall. Find the colors and patterns you need to ring in the season when you shop with Rugs.Shop!

If you’re searching for casual rugs discounts, you’ve come to the right place! We offer casual rugs on sale and at clearance prices for a phenomenal value. We also offer seasonal sales throughout the year, so check back regularly for casual rugs promotions!

If you’ve found the perfect rug and are looking for another to complement it, we’ve got you covered. Pair casual rugs and contemporary rugs, looking for simple patterns and durable materials in complementary colorways. You can also find casual rugs for outdoors spaces such as your deck, porch or patio. Whatever your design needs, Rugs.Shop has the rug for you!

Contemporary Rugs

What are some rooms that need contemporary rugs?

 Answer: That depends on your style! When you think of rugs for living rooms or rugs for bedrooms, you might conjure up an image of a more subdued, neutral design. These are safe choices – but you don’t have to play it safe in every room of your home!

Some great examples of rooms for contemporary rugs are dining rooms, sitting rooms and other entertainment spaces where vibrant, unexpected colors can spark conversations and energize the space. Some typical uses for contemporary rugs are as accent pieces, or even as central focal points that show off your sophisticated style!

And for the friend who already has everything else, contemporary rugs gifts are a great way to share that style with loved ones for the holidays, birthdays, weddings or other special occasions!

Contemporary rugs discounts from Rugs.Shop

Whether you’re redecorating for the season with contemporary rugs for fall or winter time contemporary rugs, or simply looking for a piece that will stun your guests all year long, we carry a range of designs to match your unique tastes.

Check our selection of contemporary rugs for sale as well as our other promotional offerings to find even more options for modern design. You’ll also find other area rug styles that complement your modern designs – there’s plenty of opportunity to mix & match!

For example, there are certain area rug styles that pair well with any type of décor – be it modern or traditional. Casual rugs and contemporary rugs can be paired together when you choose neutral, natural materials like jute. Oriental rugs are also fun designs to experiment if you’re trying to mix contemporary rugs and traditional rugs.

Kids Rugs

Start with the shape and size of the space in which you’re working. For a kids’ bedroom, you may opt for a rectangular rug next to their bed or dresser. For a larger playroom, an oval or round rug can cover more space.

Many of our kids’ area rugs come in fun educational patterns that blend learning into playtime. Choose a colorful rugs that incorporates the alphabet or the names of the 50 states to place on a playroom floor. These rugs help young children learn and recognize letters and symbols from an early age. We also carry rugs designed with sports scenes,joyful phrases, play towns and more!

Other options for pattern on a kids’ or nursery rug are solid colors or abstract patterns to match other design elements in the room. If you’re using vibrant, patterned fabrics on beds, windows and walls, opt for a solid color. If your design is simpler, a patterned rug can add some visual fun.

Finally, be sure to select a rug made with soft, comfortable, durable materials. This will create a more forgiving surface for playtime. Many of our kids’ area rugs are made from soft EverStrand fibers and come with non-skid backing. Additionally, you may want to opt for a washable rug that will be better able to handle messes and accidental spills.

Outdoor Rugs

Beautiful, durable, and easy-to-care for, our outdoor rugs are made from synthetic materials built to stand up to rain, snow and soil. Perfect for a porch, deck, or patio!

Traditional Rugs

Inspired by timeless and familiar styles of traditional European and Asian patterns, browse and see for yourself why traditional area rugs designs never go out of style!

Transitional Rugs

The transitional area rug designs in our catalog blend both traditional and contemporary styles, combining elements from each for pieces that can be adapted to any room.

Shop area rugs by style

What’s your style? Are you more traditional, seeking a refined look that will stand the test of time? Or do you lean towards the contemporary, seeking bold new designs to surprise and delight your guests? Perhaps you want to take a little from both worlds and blend them together into a transitional design.

Whatever your taste, there’s an area rug for your needs. We carry rugs in every shape, color and style, for high-end designs and casual use alike. We also offer great options for kids playrooms and outdoor porches, patios and decks.