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Rugs.Shop Coupons & Coupon Codes

Looking for coupons? There are two ways to receive a coupon for Rugs.Shop:

  • Receive the coupon directly from us, whether from a promotional offer on social media, via email, or from an advertisement.
  • Receive a special promo code or coupon card offer from your local flooring retail store. You can use the code printed on the back of the card to save on your rugs at checkout!

Don’t have a coupon? Chat with us today and ask about our current promotions! We also offer several other easy ways to save on area rugs here at Rugs.Shop all year long, no coupon required:

  1. Sale Items

    We regularly feature rugs at exclusive on-sale pricing.

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  2. Promotions

    Throughout the year, we extend special savings during our sales & promotions.

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  3. Clearance Rugs

    Find great values and reduced prices on rugs we’re removing from our inventory.

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